Thanksgiving Lapbook

Thanksgiving Lapbook

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Teach your kids about praising God straight from Scripture with this Thanksgiving Bible Lesson for kids -- a lapbook and a Bible study!

We want our kids to have a biblical understanding of giving thanks. We want our kids to know and love our Lord--biblically.

It's important for our kids to slow down and really take a look at different stories in the Bible, so they really understand what Scripture is saying about a subject.

That's the reason for our lapbook series here at Thinking Kids. The Thanksgiving Lapbook is super cute and a lot of fun--and really important for your children.

Bible Road Trip™ Teach Your Kid the Bible

Thanksgiving Bible Lesson Kids Will Love

The Bible is such an exciting adventure for our kids. We can make it even more fun with hands-on in-depth Bible lessons like lapbooks, copywork, and Bible memory verse cards!

The Thanksgiving Lapbook is an in-depth study your kids will never forget.

Take a look at this fun lapbook:

Books of the Bible Bundle
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Thanksgiving Bible Lesson for Kids

The Thanksgiving Lapbook is a fun, hands-on study of the Bible for your child from the ages of 5-12.

You and your child will study:

  • Stories of thanksgiving from the Bible.
  • Giving thanks to God, with verses to memorize.
  • Who we thank when we practice thanksgiving.
  • Why we thank God.
  • Ways God has blessed us.
  • What it means to worship well.
  • How we must steward our blessings.
  • Why we thank God even when things are hard.

Thanksgiving Bible Lesson and Lapbook for Kids
Thanksgiving Bible Lesson for Kids ( Lapbook )

Thanksgiving Minibooks and Activities

Your child will find a number of fun minibooks and activities to cut, assemble, paste, color on, and write in. Depending on the age of your child, they may need a little help assembling the lapbook components.

The minibooks and activities include:

  • 3-D Banner
  • Lapbook Cover
  • Layered Book
  • Verse Frame
  • Bible Verse Pocket and Memory Cards
  • Accordion Books
  • Minibook Game

Exploring the Bible in this hands-on way gives your child a permanent record of their study. They will remember what they’ve learned through a deep look at praising God in all things.

Thanksgiving Bible Lesson for Kids ( Lapbook )

Thanksgiving Bible Lesson for Kids ( Lapbook )

Supplies You'll Need for Your Thanksgiving Bible Lesson for Kids

You’ll need a few supplies to put together your lapbook. You probably already have most of these. If not, it's worth investing in them as you will use them again and again with your kids.
  • A Colored File Folder
  • A Sheet of Cardstock in a Complimentary Color
  • Printer Paper
  • Scissors
  • 1/8" Ribbon
  • A Glue Stick
  • A Stapler
  • Colored Pens to Write With
  • Colored Pencils to Color With
Thanksgiving Bible Lesson for Kids ( Lapbook )

Thanksgiving Bible Lesson for Kids ( Lapbook )
Thanksgiving Bible Lesson for Kids ( Lapbook )


The Thanksgiving Bible Lesson Lapbook will give your child hours of thoughtful Bible study, with visuals they'll never forget.

Thanksgiving Bible Lesson for Kids ( Lapbook )

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