My Timeline Planning Journal

My Timeline Planning Journal

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This product is a digital PDF download.

Used by tens of thousands of homeschool students, this world history timeline has become one of our favorite tools in studying history.

Using the My Timeline Notebooking Journal has really helped my kids grasp how ideas inform events, and how events in one place can affect events (and leaders) in another.

Timeline Creator

Timeline Creator: World History Timeline for Kids

Your child can also become a timeline creator with their very own blank timeline book. Your child's My Timeline Notebooking Journal can help your child comprehend history in a new, hands-on way.


World History Timeline for Kids

Timeline Creator: World History Timeline for Kids
The My Timeline Notebooking Journal is 132-pages, filled with beautiful artwork and plenty of room to record events. The timeline expands as time progresses since there’s just more to record as the centuries progress. The timeline begins in 4000 BC to give you room to record from Creation forward.
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The Timeline Page Structure

Timeline Creator: World History Timeline for Kids
  • From 4000 BC to 0 AD, pages cover a century. Each timeline is broken into 5 year increments.
  • From 0 AD to 1000 AD, pages cover 50 years. Each timeline is broken into 2.5 year increments.
  • From 1000 AD to 2050 AD (for your littlest littles to use later), pages cover 25 years. Each timeline is broken into 1 year increments.

Contents of the Timeline Creator World History Timeline for Kids

Timeline Creator: World History Timeline for Kids
There’s more! The timeline isn't just a tool for recording events--it's beautiful and interesting as well. This world history timeline for kids includes:
  • 29 full-color paintings from artists such as Rembrandt, Monet, and Renoir, and from ancient artists. The art is carefully chosen to avoid depictions of: extreme immodesty, angels, demons, mythical gods, Christophanies, or Theophanies (for those who feel those violate the second commandment).
  • A quote at the top of each timeline page, including:
    • ESV Bible quotations about time, seasons, and plans.
    • Quotes from historic Christians such as Charles Spurgeon, Samuel Rutherford, and Hannah More.  

Print and Bind Your World History Timeline for Kids

Timeline Creator: World History Timeline for Kids

To print your world history timeline for kids, I suggest printing the pages back to back (duplex on the short side) on cardstock for durability and to reduce bleed-through.

You can then take the journals to your nearest office store and have them spiral bound with a plastic cover and back. Alternately, you can also 3-hole punch the pages and store them in a binder.

Students can use a ruler to make their lines and then write their events and dates in different colored pens.