Psalm 100 Write, Color, and Memorize Set

Psalm 100 Write, Color, and Memorize Set

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Thanksgiving Bible Verses for Kids

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Children love to learn, and the elementary years are the perfect time for memorization-- their brains are primed for it. This write, color, and memorize set will help your kids memorize Psalm 100, practice their handwriting, and they’ll receive bookmarks to record the Thanksgiving Bible verses they've memorized.
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Write, Color, and Memorize Sets

In the video below, I explain the Bible Verses for Children: Write, Color, and Memorize Set. It should help you understand the Psalm 100 set, although this set has verses already chosen for you.

Psalm 100 for Kids

Psalm 100 for Kids | Write, Color, and Memorize Set
The Psalm 100 for Kids set features:
  • Psalm 100 Bible memory cards
  • Verses I've Memorized bookmarks
  • Fun scenes for your child to color
  • 8 pages of copywork that takes your child through all five verses Psalm 100
  • Two different line widths
  • A household license--you can print a set for each of your children*
*If you are using the Psalm 100 for Kids set for a school or church class, you’ll need a classroom license. Those are available at checkout from the dropdown menu.

Books of the Bible Bundle
Get the Books of the Bible Study Bundle and save!

Verses I've Memorized Bookmarks

You’ll find a set of five “Verses I’ve Memorized” bookmarks. You can print these double-sided for your kids to color. As they learn each Thanksgiving Bible verse they can write the reference on their bookmark. These bookmarks serve two purposes:
  1. They commemorate the memorization of a new Thanksgiving Bible verse.
  2. They also provide a list of verses to practice periodically.
The bookmarks are perfect for marking your child’s place in their Bible or their favorite book.
Bible Road Trip™ Bible Verse Memory Cards

Psalm 100 Memory Cards

The Psalm 100 Bible Verse memory cards are available in 8 designs, with two different line widths available. Your child will find the reference for a Bible verse about love on the front of a card. On the back of the card, your child can write the memory verse. If your child needs more room, they can use two cards. (Just print an extra one!) Each card has a fun family scene for your child to color in.
Love Others Bible Verses Bundle: Write, Color, and Memorize Bundle

This Write, Color, and Memorize set is a part of the Love Others bundle. Get 4 sets for the price of 3!

Books of the Bible Copywork Pages

Copywork is a great way for your children to really consider the meaning of Psalm 100, and to practice good handwriting. Your child can work on copying a page until they’ve learned the books of the Bible verse, and still have something fun to color. There are 8 different copywork pages with two line widths available. Your child will copy the sentence or phrase on the lines below.
When Lightning Struck!: The Story of Martin Luther for your teens.

Print Your Write, Color, and Memorize Set

  • Sometimes readers are concerned about using colored ink. If this is the case for you, there should be a setting on your printer that allows you to print in black and white. Printing in grayscale will still use some color, but it will come out prettier than black and white.
  • Print the bookmarks and memory verse cards duplex (double-sided) and have them flip on the short side. (Copywork and the first three pages should be printed single-sided.)
  • I recommend printing the bookmarks and memory verse cards on white cardstock so they will be more durable with no bleed-through.

Make Bible memorization fun for your children with lots of joyful encouragement!

Hiding God’s Word in their hearts will benefit your children for life.

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My kindergarten students loved completing this project over 2 weeks and putting their books together!

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