The Creation Story Lapbook

The Creation Story Lapbook

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This hands-on Bible study of the Genesis Creation story for kids is perfect for teaching the Creation story to ages 5-12.

They'll love the Creation lapbook!

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Genesis Creation Story Lapbook

The Genesis Creation Story Lapbook is an in-depth study your kids will never forget! Take a look!

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Genesis Creation Story for Kids

The Creation Story Lapbook is a fun, hands-on study of the Bible for your child from the ages of 5-12. You and your child will study a number of important doctrines and concepts from the first three chapters of Genesis:
  • God created the earth, humans, and made males and females.
  • The seven days of Creation.
  • The Trinity--God is three Persons in One. Each Person is fully God.
  • God created everything out of nothing.
  • God made you.
  • God the Triune Creator.
  • Gifts God gave us during the Creation story.
  • The fall of man and God’s plan for salvation.
Your child will complete their fun, hands-on Creation Bible study with a firm understanding of Creation-related doctrines, ordinances, and mandates. This understanding will inform their Christian worldview and theology.
Genesis Creation Story for Kids Lapbook

Creation Lapbook

Genesis Creation Story for Kids Lapbook
Your child will find a number of fun minibooks and activities to cut, assemble, paste, color on, and write in. Depending on the age of your child, they may need a little help assembling the lapbook components. The minibooks and activities include:
  • 3-D Banner
  • Lapbook Cover
  • Bible Verse Frames
  • Waterfall Card
  • Fan
  • Copywork Stack
  • Envelope Stack
  • Layered Book
  • T-Book
  • Bible Verse Pocket and Memory Cards
Exploring the Bible in this hands-on way gives your child a permanent record of their study. They will remember what they’ve learned through a deep look at what Scripture says about Creation and our Creator God.
Genesis Creation Story for Kids Lapbook

Genesis Creation Story for Kids Lapbook

Supplies You'll Need for Your All About the Books of the Bible Lapbook

You’ll need a few supplies to put together your lapbook. You probably already have most of these. If not, it's worth investing in them as you will use them again and again with your kids.
  • A Colored File Folder
  • A Sheet of Cardstock in a Complimentary Color
  • Printer Paper
  • Scissors
  • A Glue Stick
  • Thin Ribbon
  • A Mini Brad
  • A Stapler
  • Colored Pens to Write With
  • Colored Pencils to Color With
Genesis Creation Story for Kids Lapbook

Genesis Creation Story for Kids Lapbook

How to Print and Use the Genesis Creation Story Lapbook

To create the base of your lapbook, place your file folder on a table and fold both sides inward toward the creased spine of the folder. Once the outer edges meet, crease your file folder. This will give you a book that opens in the middle. You will still have a fold in the middle of your book, so I like to glue a piece of cardstock into the middle section of the book to create a thick center that won’t bend.
Genesis Creation Story for Kids Lapbook

You’ll want to print the Genesis Creation Story Lapbook single-sided on plain printer paper using color ink. In your lapbook pages, you will find step-by-step instructions on each minibook and activity, explaining how to assemble each. You can watch a quick tutorial for the Creation Story lapbook above.


The Genesis Creation Story Lapbook will give your child hours of thoughtful Bible study, with visuals they'll never forget.

Genesis Creation Story for Kids Lapbook

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