Psalm 69:34 | Paper Plate Craft

Psalm 69:34 | Paper Plate Craft

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God created the creatures in the seas, and everything on heaven and earth is to praise him! Teach kids Psalm 69:34 with a paper plate craft.

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One of the main themes of the Bible is who God is. As we raise our children, that is something we really want them to understand.

When your 8-12 year olds work through their copy of the puzzle-based Bible study, Bible Investigators: Creationthey will spend an entire section--or unit--of the study learning a little about who God is:

  • God is eternal
  • God is all-powerful
  • God is uncreated
They will also learn about our amazing, Triune God who is three Persons in one God. By they time they finish the unit, they'll be able to explain that:
  • God the Father created
  • God the Son created
  • God the Holy Spirit created
This fun Bible verse craft will help children think about the fact that our Creator God is so amazing that even the sea creatures praise him!
Bible Investigators

Psalm 69:34

As a family, read Psalm 69:34 before you begin your craft. In the ESV it says:
Let heaven and earth praise him,     
the seas and everything that moves in them.
As you make your craft, discuss:
  • Who is to praise the Lord?
  • If even the sea creatures praise our Creator God, how should we respond to him?
Our God is the Creator of heaven and earth. Even the seas and their inhabitants praise him. How can your family praise God together this week?
Bible Investigators | Bible Puzzles for Kids

Teach your kids the six things they really need to know about the doctrine of Creation with a fun, puzzle-based Bible study!

Paper Plate Craft

Check out this quick video showing you how to construct your Psalm 69:34 paper plate craft:

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