Love One Another Bible Verse | John 15:12 Heart Wreath Craft

Love One Another Bible Verse | John 15:12 Heart Wreath Craft

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Teach your kids to love one another! Make this love one another Bible verse with a John 15:12 heart wreath craft.

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We can help our children learn to love others by leading them to the words of Jesus. This fun Bible verse heart wreath craft will help your kids remember John 15:12.
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Love One Another Bible Verse | John 15:12

As a family, read John 15:1-17 before you begin your craft. In John 15:12 (ESV), Jesus says:
"This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you."
Your child can cut out the verse frame and copy the second half of the verse in either the ESV or KJV. As you make your heart wreath craft, discuss:
  • What is the word picture that Jesus gives us about growing fruit?
    • Explain that the fruit God grows in us is not apples or bananas, but rather, the fruit of the Spirit. Read Galatians 5:22-23 together.
  • How does God grow fruit in us?
  • Is love a fruit God grows in those who love him?
  • What is Jesus' commandment in John 15:12?
  • How did Jesus show his love for us?
  • Can you show your love for others by laying down your life for them? What does that mean?
We lay down our life for others by considering others more significant than ourselves. (If you have time, read Philippians 2:3 together.) Make this fun wreath to remember to always love others as Jesus loves us!
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