Easy Graham Cracker Nativity Scene

Easy Graham Cracker Nativity Scene

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Check out this fun video I made of the Easy Graham Cracker Nativity Scene! You'll see everything you need to know to assemble your little Nativity.

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Tips for Fun Snack Projects with Kids

Working on snack projects with kids is so much fun, but it can be a challenge. If you choose to involve your kids, I have a few suggestions for you.
  1. Expect a mess. Put your child's long hair up, wash little hands, and have them wear washable clothes.
  2. Prepare the food beforehand. For little ones, the real fun is in the decorating, so do as much of the prep work as you can before you involve the kids.
  3. Keep basic supplies on hand. I'm embarrassed to tell you how many types of sprinkles I have. We eat really healthy, but when we celebrate, there are always sprinkles involved. It's nice to have a little supply of food decorations. You know, for emergencies.
  4. Set the food to be decorated on a child-size table or on a plastic table cloth on the floor. Nothing ruins the food decorating fun faster than having a child fall off a kitchen stool. Your kids will be intent on their decorating task. They may not remember they're standing high above the ground. (Don't ask me how many children fell off chairs before I realized this!)
  5. It's OK to do easy. We eat vegan and gluten-free, so I make many of our foods from scratch. But for special celebrations, there's nothing wrong with easy, store-made foods and decorations!

 Easy Graham Cracker Nativity Scene     

Graham Cracker Nativity Scene Printable

You'll find the the download registration for the Graham Cracker Nativity Printable Pack right below this sentence! 

This printable is absolutely free to Thinking Kids subscribers. for household use. If you sign up below, I'll send you a 100% off coupon for the household license, and 50% off the classroom license.

Printing your printable base and stars:
  • I recommend printing on white cardstock so the base and star will be more durable and they'll stand up. 
  • You'll need to cut the base and stars out so you can use them. I cut around them, leaving a small white margin. I don't suggest trying to cut on the line. Also, if your children are small, you may want to cut the bases and stars out yourself beforehand.

Supplies Needed to Make Your Graham Cracker Nativity

You'll need a few supplies to make your Nativity snack. You may have a few of these items already. If not, these are all fairly inexpensive and will serve you well for multiple projects and snacks. You'll want to make sure you register above for the printable base and star. 
  • Your Nativity Scene Base & Stars (Register above for your printables, or purchase here.)
  • Cookie Icing (I like the icing that’s already in a squeeze bottle!)
  • Pull and Peel Red Licorice
  • Animal Crackers (2 per Stable)
  • White Cardstock
  • Wax Paper