Bible Investigators: Creation | Family Pack
Bible Investigators: Creation | Family Pack
Bible Investigators: Creation | Family Pack

Bible Investigators: Creation | Family Pack

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Bible Investigators: Creation is a 272-page paperback book.
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Bible Investigators

"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." - Romans 12:2, ESV

God's Word and sound doctrine matters for our kids. We want our children to be able to process, understand, apply, and explain the biblical truths God has laid out in his Word to us.

Not only that, we want our kids to become Bible investigators. We want them to be people of the Book who seek out and learn Scripture, so their minds are renewed and they are transformed, able to discern God's will.

Good Bible Investigators:

    • Observe: They pay attention to what they’re reading.
    • Interpret: They figure out what the Bible means in that section.
    • Apply: They decide how the truth of God’s Word impacts their life today.
There are a great many truths in life to be found—some interesting, some boring, and some that really matter. You can be the kind of investigator who spends time puzzling out important truth so that you can know all the knowable knowledge that God has given us. That’s right. God, the Creator of the Universe, gave you a great big letter from him to explore and study so that you can discover the truths that really matter to your life!"
Bible Investigators: Creation, (The Good Book Company, 2023), page 7

Bible Investigators is a joint project from Danika Cooley and The Good Book Company.

The Bible study is 272-pages of learning, puzzles, and fun activities designed to help your kids become amazing independent Bible investigators–observing, interpreting, and applying God’s Word as they learn what the Bible teaches about Creation.

Bible Investigators | Bible Puzzles for Kids

Bible Puzzles for Kids

Middle grade kids, aged 8-12, love puzzles. After all, their brains are just built for figuring things out and memorizing facts. Puzzles are a wonderful way to help kids develop logic skills and retain important information. And, the book is written in fun narrative your children are sure to love!

What types of puzzles and activities will you find in Bible Investigators?

    • Word Searches
    • Crosswords
    • Rebus Puzzles
    • Dot-to-Dots
    • Logic Puzzles
    • Missing Letter Puzzles
    • Cryptograms
    • Word Sudoku
    • Mazes
    • How-to-Draw Pages
    • Matching Pairs
    • Word Scrambles
    • Journal Pages

Every child is sure to find activities they'll love!

Bible Investigators | Bible Puzzles for Kids

Elementary-aged kids need middle grade resources that are hands-on, engaging, and that help them process important truths. 


Bible Investigators is the perfect resource to teach your kids about an important biblical doctrine, while helping them apply God's Word to their lives today.


It's so important that our children know and understand the doctrine of Creation!

Bible Investigators: Creation is an activity book bursting with brain-teasing puzzles, which helps kids investigate the Bible for themselves.

With 90 brain-teasing puzzles, 40 Bible passages, and 30 concepts regarding God’s creation, this 272-page lesson, puzzle, and activity book gives kids aged 8-12 skills to investigate the Bible for themselves―just like a real investigator!

As kids apply logic and solve challenging puzzles, they will dive deeply into Scripture and examine the Bible’s account of creation, picking up lots of skills for reading and interpreting the Bible. Your kids will also find lots of journaling boxes which allow them to reflect on, interpret, and apply what they have learned about God's Word.

Creation is perfect as a six-week unit study for your homeschool, and it's a great tool for churches to use with kids. It's fun for road trips and rainy days too!

Bible Investigators: Creation contains six sections:

    • Introduction: You Are a Bible Investigator!
    • Section One: God Created Everything in the Beginning
      • God Created All Things Out of Nothing   Genesis 1:1-2a; Jeremiah 4:23
      • Every House Has a Builder   Hebrews 3:4
      • God Created the World for His Creatures   Isaiah 45:18
      • It Was All Good   Genesis 1:31a; 1 Timothy 4:4
      • God's Works are Wondrous   Psalm 145:1-13
    • Section Two: The Story of Creation
      • Let There Be Light! (Day 1)   Genesis 1:3-5; 2 Corinthians 4:6
      • The Sky Above (Day 2)   Genesis 1:6-8; Jeremiah 10:12
      • Soil and Potatoes (Day 3)   Genesis 1:9-13; Psalm 104:14
      • Time for the Universe (Day 4)   Genesis 1:14-19; Psalm 104:19-23
      • Creatures That Swim and Fly (Day 5)   Genesis 1:20-23; Psalm 104:16-17, 24-25
      • Beasts of the Earth and People (Day 6)   Genesis 1:24-27
    • Section Three: God Made Me
      • God Gave Me Life   Job 33:4
      • God Formed Me Wonderfully   Psalm 139:13-16
      • God Gives Everyone Life and Breath   Acts 17:24-28
      • God Created Me for His Glory   Isaiah 43:6b-7
    • Section Four: Our Creator God
      • God Is Eternal   Psalm 90:2
      • God Is All-Powerful   Psalm 33:8-9
      • God Is Uncreated   Psalm 102:25-27; Revelation 1:8
      • God the Father Created   Genesis 1:26a; Jeremiah 32:17
      • God the Son Created   John 1:1-3
      • God the Holy Spirit Created   Psalm 104:24, 30; Genesis 1:2
    • Section Five: God's Good Creation Gifts
      • Every Good Gift Is from God   James 1:17; John 3:27b
      • God Blesses Us   Genesis 1:28-29
      • God Gives Us the Sabbath   Genesis 2:1-13; Exodus 20:8-20a, 11
      • God Gives Us Work   Genesis 2:15; Proverbs 28:19; Colossians 3:23-24
      • God Gives Us Marriage   Genesis 2:18-24
    • Section Six: God's Great Salvation Plan
      • To Disobey God Is to Sin   Genesis 2:16-17; John 14:15
      • Adam and Eve Sinned--And So Have I   Genesis 3:1-7; Romans 3:23
      • Jesus Paid for Our Sin   Ephesians 2:4-9
      • Believe in Jesus and Confess Belief   Romans 10:9-10

Each section, or unit, has four to six lessons, each with a teaching, notebooking spaces, and three Bible verse puzzles. The book makes a great six-week unit study on the doctrine of Creation!

And, you'll love this: Creation includes a link to free downloads that include printable puzzles, so families or classes can easily work together with puzzles for each child.

The Bible author wants to remind you that nothing just magically appears. Everything has a creator.

For instance, have you ever been walking along, picking up acorns and leaves when—BOOM—a house just appears right in front of you? First of all, you’d probably be really glad you didn’t get squished by the mysteriously appearing house. But next, you’d wonder where that house came from. Who made it? How did it get there?

We all know that houses don’t appear out of nowhere. Houses are planned, designed, and built. In fact, building a house takes a really long time. Right?

Bible Investigators: Creation, (The Good Book Company, 2023), page 18

Bible Investigators | Bible Puzzles for Kids
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