Bible Road Trip™ Year One SAMPLE PACK

Bible Road Trip™ Year One SAMPLE PACK

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Note: This is the 4th edition.

Bible Road Trip™ is a three-year Bible survey curriculum for preschool through high school. That means that if you start in preschool, you can take your child all the way through the Bible five times by the time he or she graduates from high school.

Bible Road Trip™ Year One covers the books of law and history, from Genesis to Esther.

Bible Road Trip™ is written for five levels of study, so you can study all together as a family at deepening levels. Your high school student can study more of the Bible, and at a deeper level of understanding, than your preschooler can. But with Bible Road Trip™ your family can still explore and discuss your studies all together as a group.

To help you get the most out of your studies, Bible Road Trip™ has an array of coordinating weekly activities:

  • Researching the section of the Bible you’re studying
  • Reading and discussing the Bible
  • Memorizing Scripture
  • Notebooking about your studies
  • Praying for the nations
  • Suggestions for further study
  • Crafting about what you’ve learned
  • For your older students: A project to share what they’ve learned

Bible Road Trip™ also has some great tools you can use along with it, such as:

  • Notebooking Journals for grades 1-9. Want a structured notebooking journal for high school? Don’t hesitate to use the Dialectic journal (grades 7-9).
  • Bible Memory Card Sets for all five levels of study, preschool to high school. These are available in both ESV and KJV.

In this Bible Road Trip™ Year One Sample Pack, you’ll find:

  • The Bible Road Trip™ Parent / Teacher Guide.
  • The first three weeks of the curriculum for all five learning levels. Week Three is where we really dive into the Bible and begin to our systematic study. Week Three will give you a good feel for the rest of the curriculum.
  • The first three weeks of the Bible Memory Card sets for all five levels, in ESV and KJV.
  • The first three weeks of each of the three leveled Notebooking Journals.

Customer Reviews

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Fil Rodriguez
Amazing material!!

Thank you so much for this amazing resource for
Our kids!

Merilyn Marie Baird

I love the idea that it goes through the Bible and uses the Bible


Hi, I'm new to this and i am a homeschooler

H. Schooler

It is amazing and it helped my family a lot. i am homeschooler! God bless you for sharing. Icannot thank you enough. since we live far away; another continent Africa, your product helps a great deal.

Very In Depth Sample

This sample has excellent explanations of the entire program, as well as a full three weeks to try. There are LOTS of options of how to customize the program for my family, and over a full 3 weeks we were able to see how the flow may work in our family. I am excited to explore all the levels in the coming years!

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