Bible Verses about Fruit of the Spirit: Bible Memory Verse Cards

Bible Verses about Fruit of the Spirit: Bible Memory Verse Cards

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Teach your kids about the fruit of the Spirit with 144 themed Bible memory verse cards! They will learn what the Lord has to say about 9 important fruit he grows in those who love and follow Him.

Bible Verses about Fruit of the Spirit for Kids

Children love to learn, and childhood and young adulthood are the perfect time for memorization--their brains are primed for it.

You can use your Thinking Kids Press Bible memory card sets in a few ways:

  • Work through each card with your child until they commit the verses to memory.
  • Keep the cards in a box on your dining table. Read and discuss one each meal.
  • During your family prayer time, pray through the verses a few at a time.
  • Use the cards to discuss biblical fruit during teachable moments.
  • Have your child copy the verse from one card each day.
  • Paste them to the bathroom mirror or frame them and make a collage.

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Bible Memory Verse Card Set Divider

Your family can decorate and use a Bible memory card box just like we did in the Family Prayer Box Project.

There are a number of Bible memory card sets available in the store at You'll find a Bible memory verse card divider included in this set so that you can keep your sets separated, along with a copyright card.


Your Fruit of the Spirit Kids' Craft coordinates well with additional Fruit of the Spirit hands-on learning.

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Fruit of the Spirit for Kids

The Bible Verses about Fruit of the Spirit for Kids set is based on Galatians 5:22-23:
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.
You will find 16 cards on each fruit of the Spirit. One of the things we teach our children is that the fruit of the Spirit grow in our lives when we are indwelled with the Holy Spirit, when we have repented of our sins and we follow Christ.
Bible Verses about Fruit of the Spirit for Kids -- 144 Bible Memory Verse Cards in ESV or KJV

Bible Verse Memory Cards

Some of the Bible memory verses are longer passages that are split between two cards, and some are short and sweet. Some verses don’t actually name the fruit, but they do give a verse that really personifies the character trait. These cards are put together to aid you in your family discipleship. Be creative about how you use them in your family as you teach your kids the word of God.
Bible Road Trip™ Bible Verse Memory Cards

Print Your Bible Memory Verse Card Set

To print your set, you’ll want to print with a landscape page orientation. The memory verse cards should be printed single-sided on cardstock. You can laminate them and store them on a bookring, or print them on cardstock and store them in a special box.


Make Bible memorization fun for your children with lots of joyful encouragement! Hiding God’s Word in their hearts will benefit your children for life.

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