The 6 Days of Creation Toilet Paper Roll Craft

The 6 Days of Creation Toilet Paper Roll Craft

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Teach your kids about the six days of Creation in a fun, hands-on way with the 6 days of Creation toilet paper roll craft and free templates!

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God's story of Creation is outlined for us in Genesis chapter 1.

It's an amazing story--God speaks everything into existence out of nothing. When my kids were young, crafts and art projects were a great way for me to help them remember and understand what they were learning about.

This fun toilet paper roll craft is an easy, inexpensive project your kids can work on over several days. It's a great way to help them remember the order of the 6 days of Creation!

Bible Investigators

The 6 Days of Creation

Read Genesis 1:1-31 as a family before you begin your craft. As you make your craft, discuss:
  • What did God name the light and the darkness?
  • Why is the work God did on day 2 important?
  • Why was it important that God created the land, sea, fruits, and vegetables before placing creatures on the earth?
  • What did God created on day 4? How big a job was that?
  •  What is your favorite creature from day 5? What do they eat? Where do they live? Was God's good earth ready for them?
  • What does the Bible say about God's creation of humans in Genesis 1? What instructions did God give to Adam and Eve?
  • What does God's creation of the earth show about God's character? Is he orderly? Creative? Sovereign?
Place your six days of Creation rolls somewhere your child can see them often!

The 6 Days of Creation Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Check out this quick video showing you how to construct the 6 days of Creation craft:

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