God Created Animals Craft | Genesis 1:24 Bookmarks

God Created Animals Craft | Genesis 1:24 Bookmarks

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On the sixth day, God made animals. Celebrate God's adorable animals with this fun God created animals craft with a Genesis 1:24 verse label!

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Kids have a special love for land animals, don't they? It's as though they instinctively understand that the Lord made us to be the caretakers of the earth and its creatures. Or, it could just be that his creatures are unbelievably cute and cuddly, amazing and fearsome. Who isn't fascinated by penguins or elephants?

As your 8-12 year olds work through their copy of the puzzle-based Bible study, Bible Investigators: Creationthey will spend an entire chapter (out of 30 chapters) of the study learning about day 6 of God's Creation event, when he made land animals. Your kids will solve 90 brain-teasing puzzles, work through 40 Bible passages, and learn 30 amazing truths about God's Creation. They'll definitely need a few bookmarks to keep track of their progress in their 272-page book!

This fun Bible verse bookmark craft will help children celebrate God's wonderful creation of animals!

Bible Investigators

God Created Animals | Genesis 1:24

As a family, read Genesis 1:24 before you begin your craft. In the ESV it says:

And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds—livestock and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds.” And it was so.

Your child can cut out the verse frames in ESV or KJV to glue onto the back of each of their bookmarks. As you make your bookmark craft, discuss:

  • What do you think "according to their kinds" means?
    • Do your kids like cats? Think about how many types of cats there are--from cougars and lions to Siamese and Tabby cats.
  • The earth is full of God's many and various creatures. What are some of the strangest or most amazing animals you can think of?
  • How does God's creation show his wonderful wisdom?

Our Creator God is wise--and very creative! The earth is full of all of God's creatures. It's one way we can see God's majesty. 

Bible Investigators | Bible Puzzles for Kids

Teach your kids the six things they really need to know about the doctrine of Creation with a fun, puzzle-based Bible study!

God Created Animals Craft

Check out this quick video showing you how to construct your Genesis 1:24 craft:

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