Bible Investigators: Creation | Free Printable Sample

Bible Investigators: Creation | Free Printable Sample

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Bible Investigators: Creation is a 272-page paperback book. 
Grab this FREE sample of two lessons, courtesy of The Good Book Company!

Creation Bible Study Moms Love...

The doctrine of Creation is so important for our kids to understand. We want our kids to know about God's Creation ordinances. When our tweens truly understand what God's Word says about Creation, they'll know:
  • That God created all things out of nothing.
  • The biblical story of Creation.
  • That God made them just as he intended to.
  • All about our Creator God.
  • About God's good Creation gifts--his ordinances.
  • God's great plan for salvation.

It's important that our kids know all about Creation. It's also important that they understand how to study God's Word rightly.

As your children, ages 8-12, work through Bible Investigators: Creation, they'll learn how to observe, interpret, and apply 40 Bible passages. With 6 units and 30 lessons, the 272-page Bible study will take your kids through everything they need to know about God's Creation. a Puzzle-Based Package Kids Crave!

Your middle grade and middle school students will love the challenge of working through 90 Bible puzzles. Bible Investigators: Creation will allow your kids to study the Bible independently, with language that's fun. There are boxes for notebooking and drawing, too, so your kids can work through what they're learning in a hands-on way.

As they work through the puzzles, your children will learn important biblical vocabulary, theological concepts, and even full Bible passages. It won't feel like work to them, either.

Bible Investigators: Creation is a fun way for your 8-12 year olds to learn all about Creation, in a puzzle-based package they'll want to work through!

There are a great many truths in life to be found—some interesting, some boring, and some that really matter. You can be the kind of investigator who spends time puzzling out important truth so that you can know all the knowable knowledge that God has given us. That’s right. God, the Creator of the Universe, gave you a great big letter from him to explore and study so that you can discover the truths that really matter to your life!" Bible Investigators: Creation, (The Good Book Company, 2023), page 7

Bible Investigators | Bible Puzzles for Kids

Study for Kids | Free Printable Sample

Bible Investigators: Creation is an activity book bursting with brain-teasing puzzles, which helps kids investigate the Bible for themselves.

With 90 brain-teasing puzzles, 40 Bible passages, and 30 concepts regarding God’s creation, this 272-page lesson, puzzle, and activity book gives kids aged 8-12 skills to investigate the Bible for themselves―just like a real investigator!

As kids apply logic and solve challenging puzzles, they will dive deeply into Scripture and examine the Bible’s account of creation, picking up lots of skills for reading and interpreting the Bible. Your kids will also find lots of journaling boxes which allow them to reflect on, interpret, and apply what they have learned about God's Word.

Creation is perfect as a six-week unit study for your homeschool, and it's a great tool for churches to use with kids. It's fun for road trips and rainy days too!

The Good Book Company has generously allowed me to offer a sample of Bible Investigators: Creation. You'll find two mini-lessons in the sample:

  1. It Was All Good - pages 30-33 with a word search
  2. God’s Careful Provision - pages 67-71 with a crossword


Bible Investigators | Bible Puzzles for Kids

Customer Reviews

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Diane Gudatis
Such a blessing!

These materials are such a blessing for teaching God's truth to the little ones. Thank you!

Naomi Benjamin
My 7 year old loved this

My daughter is still finishing some activities but I’ve put the whole book on her birthday wish list. I do agree that it’s probably best for kids who are pretty proficient readers - a good mix of fun and learning!

Nikki Godard
Great product!

The kids really enjoyed these! I appreciate that they are biblically sound!

Lourdes P
Bible investigators: Creation

It’s a good job.

Jeanette Stup
Bible Investigators: Creation | Free Printable Sample

The Bible Investigators: Creation | Free Printable Sample was excellent. I like all of the resources I have used. They are excellent. They are so Biblically sound. Thank you for the samples.

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