Who What Why | Abolition Bundle (Abolitionists, Underground Railroad, Slavery Ended)

Who What Why | Abolition Bundle (Abolitionists, Underground Railroad, Slavery Ended)

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The Who What Why: Abolition bundle includes three paperback books: 
Who Were the Abolitionists?
What Was the Underground Railroad?
Why Did the Reformation Happen?

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"As for the saints in the land, they are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight." - Psalm 16:3, ESV  


Christian History Matters for Our Kids.


History matters. Now, more than ever, we see how important it is for our children to know and understand history and the Bible.

Here's why:

    • God is the sovereign ruler of all things. It's important for our kids to see his hand in the history of nations and in the lives of both peasants and kings. 
    • Christian history is the story of our family history. Our kids get to see how people who love Jesus follow him.
    • Understanding history can help our kids learn historic and biblical theology. They learn what the Bible says and what that means for us. They also see when the study of Scripture has taken important turns that have changed the Church. 
    • Reading Christian biographies and history can be a wonderful way for kids to think outside their own time and culture. God's Church spans centuries and includes people from every nation.
    • Christian biographies help kids consider their own faith, walk with Jesus, and the impact their witness may one day have on others--and on history. 


    Elementary-aged kids need middle grade resources that are fun, a little sassy, and that teach valuable lessons. 


    The Who What Why Series is the perfect resource to teach your kids about history, while helping them apply biblical truths to their lives today.

    The Modern Church

    In Christian history, the Modern Church has faced turbulence, growth, and reformation. The Modern Church has seen the rise of missions and evangelism. It has experienced brutal wars and oppressive regimes. The Modern Church, too, saw the rise--and fought for the end--of chattel slavery.

    During the time of abolition, many Christians chose to glorify God by loving their neighbors as themselves. Believers searched Scripture to find what the Lord has to say about his creation. All humans are made in the image of God. We are to love and care for others. Through the preaching and teaching of God's Word, many Christians learned to sacrifice on behalf of those in need.

    Teach your kids about the Modern Church with fun narrative and important biblical truth through the Who What Why series from Danika Cooley and Christian Focus Publications.

    Who What Why Series | The Modern Church

    Who Were the Abolitionists?

    The abolitionists were a group of people who wanted to get rid of (abolish) slavery. This book will tell you about some of them. They came from different places and had different stories, and God called them to serve him in different ways. But they each worked to make sure that a human being, made in the image of God, could not be owned by someone else.

    Included are profiles of:

    • Granville Sharp
    • Phillis Wheatley
    • Olaudah Equiano
    • Thomas Clarkson
    • William Wilberforce
    • Zachary Macaulay
    • William Knibb
    • Sojourner Truth
    • Frederick Douglass
    • Harriet Tubman


    Courageous people do not usually intend to be brave. Instead, God's people use the gifts he gives them to glorify God and to serve others. As we look back upon the lives of people in the past, we see how God orchestrates every event to help his children grow in character and to accomplish a specific role in his story of the world.


    Who Were the Abolitionists?, Danika Cooley (Christian Focus Publications, 2023), page 6


    What Was the Underground Railroad?

    The Underground Railroad was a secret system through which runaway slaves could escape to freedom. Abolitionists hid fugitives in their houses during the day and sent them to another home at night. These safehouses became known as stations, the people who helped were station masters and conductors, and the paths people took to freedom were lines. Learn the stories of some of the people who escaped slavery this way, and the people who ran the Underground Railroad.

    Have you ever taken a ride on a train? It can be a lot of fun. You board the train at the station, then enjoy the countryside as you race along the line. You disembark right where you intend to arrive.

    Taking a ride on the Underground Railroad was a little different.

    What Was the Underground Railroad?, Danika Cooley (Christian Focus Publications, 2023), page 16


    Why Did Slavery End?

    Slavery has been around for a long time. In the Bible, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery, and the Israelites were slaves in Egypt until God freed them. Even much more recently, people were kidnapped and made to work. For a while, Christians ignored that slavery is wrong and pretended that enslaved people were not their neighbors. But a lot of Christians realized they were wrong, and between 1688 and 1888 AD there was a big fight to put a stop to slavery. This is the story of these Christians who loved their neighbors and how they fought to free them.

    Have you ever ignored a dirty sock on the bathroom floor, stepping around it for days? People do that with sin, too. But sin is much worse than a filthy sock. Sin violates God's laws and separates us from him. Sin hurts other people--it is the opposite of love.

    Why Did Slavery End?, Danika Cooley (Christian Focus Publications, 2023), page 16

    Customer Reviews

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    Sara R
    For every homeschooler's bookshelves

    I learned so much reading these books, and think that they're a must-have for every homeschooling family.
    Danika does such a great job weaving Biblical truth with the historical narrative, showing God's sovereign hand and how He uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Even so, the sin problem of slavery and the tragedy that has occurred (and still occurs today) at the hands of many, even Christians, is not glossed over, and I appreciated this unbiased writing. So many great learning and discussion points that will be great to go over with my kids as we study this in our homeschool.

    Heather H
    Such a powerful series

    What an amazing trio of books. History is a powerful teacher and this series points gloriously to God's sovereignty and how he used ordinary people to push back against what is wrong. I loved the balanced approach that didn't excuse sin, but rather exposed its deceptive and contagious nature. One of our favorite lines is how "sin begets more sin." That one gave us so much to ponder and discuss as we look at where we are at in today's world... Hence why history can provide such provocative lessons. Thanks Danika, for this wonderful series.

    Lynda Ackert
    A Must for Your Children!

    Thank you, Danika, for sharing true, unbiased history and doing so with a Christian worldview and making it relevant to our children today!

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