Bible Road Trip™ Year Two Bible Memory Verse Card Sets

Bible Road Trip™ Year Two Bible Memory Verse Card Sets

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The Struggle with Bible Memory (and Family Bible Time)

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It’s so easy for us to allow the weight and busyness of the world to take precedence in our lives isn’t it?

Let’s be honest. Seeking the Lord through His Word with our whole hearts is a long, slow, daily process. Our culture is right here, right now, quick fix. Taking the time to learn the Bible isn’t a fast thing. It’s slow, requires some effort–and it’s VITAL. We need to know God’s Word. Our KIDS need to know God’s Word. That saying that the days are slow, but the years are fast is so true.

A Solution for Families

I want to help you lead your children through Scripture. I know you’re busy, and I know there are so many distractions every day that make getting into the Bible difficult. Bible Road Trip™ is designed to allow you to be able to spend time going through Scripture with your kids–without having to do a ton of planning or research first.

And now, the new Bible Road Trip™ Bible Memory Verse Cards will continue the learning for your family. Just print them and cut them out, and you have the memory verses for the year right at your fingertips! You can work through the verses for each week as you’re having a meal, running errands (with an older child reading the card), or during your morning Bible Road Trip™ time! Your kids will always remember the time they spent memorizing with you. More importantly, they’ll remember the Word of God.

How Bible Memorization Changed My Life

When I was a kid, I attended Christian schools until the middle of sixth grade. I don’t remember a lot of what we learned, with the exception of the Bible memory verses. Every week we memorized new Bible verses.

It was those verses that the Holy Spirit has used throughout my life–before and after I was saved–to point me to truth. I remember them when I pray, when I struggle, and when I rejoice. That knowledge of Scripture has just been central to my faith.

I want the same for you and for your children. When I wrote Bible Road Trip™, I knew that Bible memory verses would absolutely have to be a part of the program. That’s where the Memorize the Word section came in. I also know that you’re busy, and that having ready-made products to go with Bible Road Trip™ will enable you to use the program in a richer, deeper way.

I hope that as your student memorizes the verses at their level, you’ll consider using the Rhetoric level cards for your own Bible memory. It will create a sweet way for you to join your children in their journey through the Bible.


The Bible Road Trip™ Bible Verse Memory Cards will enable you to have each week’s Bible memory verses at your fingertips, ready to be used by your students.

Exciting aspects of the Bible Road Trip™ Memory Cards:

  • Each week is color-coded.
  • The first card for each week includes a portion of one of the beautiful paintings (all public domain) that you’ll find in that week’s notebooking journal.
  • The verses are divided into lines in a manner that will help your student memorize one line (or thought) at a time.
  • Because the memory verses are different for each level, you’ll find a set of Bible Memory Cards available for each level for Year Two:
    • Preschool and Kindergarten (ages 3-5) -- 33 Cards
    • Lower Grammar (grades 1-3) -- 42 Cards
    • Upper Grammar (grades 4-6) -- 68 Cards
    • Dialectic (grades 7-9) -- 121 Cards
    • Rhetoric (grades 10-12) -- 139 Cards
  • Each level of the Bible Road Trip™ Memory Cards is available in either ESV or KJV.
  • Each download comes with a family/household use copyright license.  So, if you have three children who will go through the Dialectic level, you may purchase the Dialectic Bible Memory Cards once, store the file on your computer, and hit print each time you need a set.
  • There is a Classroom License available for church and school classes, and co-ops. 

How to Print the Bible Memory Verse Cards

  • Download your PDF file and save it to your computer.
  • Print these cards on single-sided.
  • I recommend printing on white cardstock so the cards will be more durable and the back won’t show through on the front. 
  • Cut the cards out. There are four cards per sheet.
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